Technology & Training Center (TTC)

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Technology and Training Center

The Delaware State University Technology and Training Center powered by Barclays is a state-of-the-art facility that helps to meet the societal needs of closing a technical skill gap that is continuously growing.

Technology & Training Center powered by Barclays


The DSU Technology & Training Center (TTC) is a multi-purpose center committed to offering excellence in education by providing learners with innovative courses, programs, events and workshops providing employability-focused credentialing and continuation skills training designed to impact a global workforce economy.


TTC’s purpose of advancing employability-based platforms is powered by Barclay’s support of our state-of-the-art facility.  Through continuous research and analysis of evolving labor market trends, we continue to rapidly close the technology skill gaps that exist within our communities.

Who We Are

TTC is a functional entity of the Office of Testing Services & Adult and Continuing Education.  Successful offerings of specialized CTE programs lead to advanced credentialing and degree obtainment in high-demand technology fields and impact the economic growth of the Mid-Atlantic region.


Our vision is to provide credentialing, vocational and technology-driven professional development using live and technology-based training services designed to accommodate all learning styles and technical ability required to obtain employability.


The TTC fulfills the requirements that technology’s omnipresent influence on society creates by providing a training environment where the technically influenced future can flourish.