Find The System That’s Right for You

In each pair of statements below, choose the statement that best reflects how you feel. Your final score can help indicate whether your learning style is more suited to an on-location program or an online program.


I prefer face-to-face interaction with professors, and learn better when I’m engaged in group settings.

I succeed in environments where I am not distracted by others and can carve out quiet time to focus.


It’s important to me to develop a strong professional network by working closely with people who might help me get a job.

My primary focus in earning my graduate degree is more to build skills than to develop a professional network.


I have a consistent block of free time in my day-to-day schedule (e.g., evening) that could be dedicated to learning.

I juggle multiple work and family responsibilities with no consistent day-to-day schedule.


I thrive in a group dynamic, enjoy speaking publicly, and feel comfortable expressing my opinion in group settings.

I prefer not to express an opinion in group settings.


I’m interested in improving my digital skills, sharing documents electronically, and being exposed to new software platforms.

I prefer a learning environment where technology is used as an aid rather than a primary vehicle of the learning experience.


I’m pursuing a practice-heavy course of study (e.g., social work).

I’m pursuing a course of study that is less people-driven and more independent.


I learn best by interacting with professors and others in real-time.

I learn best by absorbing and processing information on my own time.


I have great self-discipline.

I like to receive frequent support at each milestone along my learning journey.


I learn and absorb information well at any time of day.

I have peak times when I absorb information better (e.g., late nights or early mornings).


It’s important to me to control the incidental costs of education (e.g., travel costs and gas).

I expect the incidental costs of education (e.g., travel costs and gas) and don’t mind paying for them.