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Dr. Jerome Holland Statue

Dr. Jerome Holland InstallationDuring Homecoming Week 2018, The Dr. Jerome Holland Statue was dedicated; the first statue on the Dover Campus of Delaware State University.  Dr. Holland — Delaware State College President from 1953-1960 — is credited with providing the critical leadership needed to navigate the College through one of the most difficult decade of its history.  Dr. Holland’s leadership also brought about improvements at the College that ensured its survival and established a foundation for future presidents to build upon.  Your support will impact Dr. Jerome Holland Scholars at the University and statue maintenance. 

The University is thrilled to announce the launch of Phase II of the Dr. Jerome Holland Statue Campaign, which will complete this installation and recognize the many alumni and supporters who have helped us commemorate the life and legacy of this invaluable DSU leader.

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We are grateful for founding donors to the Dr. Jerome Holland Commemorative Statue Project.  Your support kick started our progress; thank you:

  • Bryant T. Bell
  • Dolores W. Blakey
  • Dr. Donald A. Blakey
  • Halvin T. Blocksom
  • The Honorable Stephanie T. Bolden
  • Ned W. Brown, Jr.
  • Geraldine E. Depp
  • Phyllis Hayes-Dixon '62
  • Chauncey Draine
  • Robert Galento Draine, Sr.
  • Marion E. Gibbs
  • H. Allen Hamilton, Sr.
  • Dr. Reba R. Hollingsworth
  • Bertha C. Jason
  • Irene S. Jones
  • James F. & Mary J. Marshall
  • Mary E. Monroe
  • Carolyn C. Monson
  • William L. & Vera C. Murray
  • Ruth Neal-Dixon
  • Dr. Robert L. Nixon
  • Armelia L. Puckham
  • Philip G. Sadler
  • Mary M. Scott
  • Nancy Stevens
  • Jimmie & Tina Strong
  • Peggy J. Swygert
  • Richard L. Turner
  • Sylvester E. Woolford

Dr. Jerome Holland Statue Committee

  • Dr. Donald Blakey, Chair and Alumnus
  • Dr. Vita T. Pickrum, Vice President, Division of Institutional Advancement (Co-chair)
  • J.D. Bartlett, Associate Vice President, Capital Planning and Facilities Management
  • Dolores W. Blakey, Alumna
  • Ned W. Brown, Jr., Alumnus
  • Robert Galento Draine, Sr. Alumnus
  • H. Allen Hamilton, Sr. Alumnus
  • Dr. Reba R. Hollingsworth, Alumna
  • Carlos Holmes, Director, News Services
  • Edward George Lorio, Retired Associate Professor of Art
  • Philip Sadler, Alumnus
  • Charity C. Shockley, Director, Grants Development and Management
  • Dr. Bradley Skelcher, Retired Associate Provost
  • Dr. U.S. Washington, Retired Dean