Student Emergency Relief Fund

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Student Emergency Relief Fund

COVID-19 has created unimaginable stress on life as we knew it. Delaware State University Students need your help in response!

My students are going through so much: parents laid off, so the student is the bread-winner; sick grandparents; 5 family members sharing one antiquated desktop. My heart is breaking. I know I can’t save them all, but I want to. Our campus is more than just a place to take classes - for many, it’s their lifeline. Charlisa Holloway Edelin, JD Chair, Department of Mass Communications, Visual and Performing Arts
Charlisa Holloway Edelin, JD
Every Gift Matters

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Greatest Needs

  • Food Insecurities
  • Clothing
  • Housing and Rental Shortfalls
  • Technology Access
  • Course Materials and Laptops
  • Medical Supplies

Other essential needs that directly affect the students’ ability to navigate their new educational environment successfully.

Scholarship Support
Virtual Summer Academy
Laptops/ Tablets
Internet Access

Student Stories

Terry is a Psychology major from Middletown, Delaware, who has previously depended on University computer labs to get his work done. Now he’s risking COVID 19 to travel every day to his uncle’s house, which is the only place he can borrow a laptop with wireless access.

Mia is a junior Education major now living in a three-bedroom apartment at the epicenter of COVID-19: New York City. As she struggles to finish her spring courses online, Mia is competing for internet bandwidth with four school-age younger siblings.

Yazmin is a Dreamer and a Sociology major who had to remain on campus because she literally had no place else to go. She struggles with a lonely existence where there used to be hundreds of friends and classmates around her. She worries about what will happen when she, or other students, test positive for the virus and have to become even more isolated.

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Donate Today

Mail checks or money orders to:
Delaware State University Foundation
*Attn: Student Emergency Relief Fund*
1200 N. DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901