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EAB Navigate For Faculty Mentors

The Navigate application will aid you in engaging with students in various capacities related to academic advisement. To do so, you will need to submit Ad Hoc alerts, which we will go over shortly. Those alerts and reports will be used in improving student support and retention while guiding students throughout their educational experience.

Here are the list of Instructions on this page:
1 Navigate Access: Logging into The System
2 Issuing an Ad Hoc Alert


1 - Navigate Access: Logging into The System

** Click here for Video Directions on how to log into the system **
You can access Navigate on the Web via this direct link - desu.campus.eab.com - or the instructions below:

  1. Please head over to desu.edu on your web browser of choice.
  2. Once, you are on the DESU home page, click on the faculty tab. This will take you to the Faculty landing page.
  3. There you will find and click on, “Academic Early Alert System - EAB Navigate”.
  4. This will take you to a single sign-on page where you will log in with your DESU Credentials.
  5. That’s it, you are now on the Navigate platform. Please make sure to take time to look around and explore!


2 - Issuing an Ad Hoc Alert

In EAB’s Navigate, ad hoc alerts will be used by faculty and staff to share critical information and to create referrals for students between support offices. To create an ad hoc alert:

  1. On your home page, locate the “Issue an Alert” link under the “Actions” tab to your right. Clicking this will open the Alert Banner.
  2. Start by Searching for the student the alert is about. Then, Select your reason for the Alert. Lastly and optionally, select a specific class the Alert corresponds to.
  3. Please make sure to include “Additional Comments” to help support officers understand the student’s specific needs, and how to offer support properly. 
  4. That’s it, now click submit!

** Click here for Video Directions **