Students should view internships as an expected collegiate experience. More and more, organizations are expecting graduates to bring experience to the table. In order to compete at the highest level, the internship provides an opportunity for the student to gain technical experience, as well as explore career options available. Some departments at DSU require internships through student teaching, clinical experiences, practicums, etc. Some departments include nursing, education, movement science, social work and mass communications. However, all students should seek internship experience.

The Office of Career Services connects students to employers for internships in various ways. Our online Hire-a-Hornet system allows students to post resumes and apply for openings. The Office also emails a periodic internship list and job blasts to students to DSU email accounts. Networking events such as information sessions, lunch-and-learns, career fairs, road trips, classroom presentations and other events allow students to market themselves and apply for internship opportunities.

Please begin by visiting Hire-a-Hornet.


Congratulations on landing an Internship.

An Internship is an opportunity to gain experience and explore career options. An internship also provides the employers the opportunity to examine your potential. Remember as an intern, you should always strive to contribute to your team.

First impressions

It is important to speak, dress, write and generally behave like a professional. Shake hands, make eye contact, smile, and be friendly and confident. Be proactive; ask for additional assignments if not busy.


Concentrate on communication skills, both written and verbal. Proofread your written work carefully. Communication with co- workers chooses respectful, tactful, and professional language at all times.

Establish Relationships

Build good relationships with co-workers. Identify a mentor. Be friendly, polite, helpful and sensitive. Be careful about bringing personal business to work, and be sure that what you discuss is fit for public consumption.

Be Observant

Ask questions about appropriate behavior in the workplace, identify leaders in the workplace, seek opportunities to lend support, and help others.


Meet regularly with your supervisor to ensure that both of your expectations are being met. This is a good way for you to get feedback on your performance and helps to keep you on track with current and future assignments.

Time Management

Take advantage of the transition time at the beginning of your internship and ask lots of questions. You are not expected to know what is going on right away, but the faster you learn the ins and outs of daily life on the job, the better off you’ll be.


Show up to work on time, when you are expected. Call if you are going to be sick or late. Please give your supervisor advance notice if you are going to be out. Don’t be sick or late often. It will be noticed if you are not at work on important days.

Last impressions

When you end your internship, be sure to ask your supervisor for a letter of recommendation and keep in touch so that you can call upon him/her later when you are in need of a reference. This will also help your supervisor keep you in mind when future opportunities arise.