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Student Profile

The DSU logo helps with navigation from page to page as well.  See sample below.

banner logo


To utilize the DSU logo menu, click on the logo.  Then click on “Menu” to display the dropdown.  This is what the menu would look like from the DSU logo

menu expanded


Click on Student Profile from your myDESU Homepage.

Student Profile

student profile

A Tour of Your Student Profile

Your Student Profile contains a wealth of information about your account on a single web page.

student profile tour

You can do the following information from the student profile: 

  1. View Status, Registration Notices, and Holds (academic standing, student status, enrollment status, etc.) 
  2. View Biographical information (contact info, emergency contact, etc.) 
  3. View General information (level, class, campus, etc.) 
  4. View Curriculum Information (degree, major, earned hours & GPA, etc.) 
  5. View Registered Courses (registered courses for the term you are viewing) 
  6. From the Additional Links menu on the left-hand side, you can access the following for the student: 
    • Academic Transcript 
    • Student Detail Schedule 
    • Application to Graduate 
    • Week at a Glance 
    • Registration and Planning 
    • Grades