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Housing & Residential Education Staff

The Department of Housing and Residential Education employs an experienced team to help guide students along as they grow and experience community living in our residence halls and apartments. Including an executive director of housing, associate director of housing, associate director of residential education, seven resident directors, graduate hall directors, an administrative secretary, a senior secretary, and a complete night staff, each member is attentive to the needs of our residents, provides essential guidance, and ensures the safety of each student while living in the residence halls.

Housing Professional Staff

Shenequa Harris
Executive Director of Facilities

Office: 302.857.6326
Fax: 302.857.6278
Email: stharris@desu.edu
housing [at] desu.edu
Courtney Thompson
Director of Housing

Office: 302.857.6326
Fax: 302.857.6333
Email: cthompson [at] desu.edu
housing [at] desu.edu
Curtis Williams
Associate Director of Housing
Office: 302.857.6326
Fax: 302.857.6333
Email: cuwilliams [at] desu.edu
housing [at] desu.edu

Residential Education Professional Staff

Mr. James Overton
Vice President for Student Affairs
Superintendent of Police

Office: 302.857.7585
Fax: 302.857.7580
Email: joverton [at] desu.edu
Dr. Charlisa Edelin
Assistant Dean, Student Life and Academic Success Student Affairs

Office: 302.857.7097
Email: cedelin [at] desu.edu
Aishona T. Jackson
Associate Director of Residential Education
Office: 302.857.6906
Fax: 302.857.6333
Email: atjackson [at] desu.edu
housing [at] desu.edu
Rose McPherson
Resident Director
Living and Learning Commons
Office: 302.857.4337
Fax: 302.857.4459
Email: rspady [at] desu.edu
Terrell Cook
Resident Director

Tubman-Laws Hall
Office: 302.857.7989
Email: tcook [at] desu.edu
Rael Cherry
Resident Director
Evers Hall
Office: 302.857.6315
Email: rcherry [at] desu.edu
Taliyah Capps
Resident Director

University Village Apartments
Office: 302.857.8381
Email: tcapps [at] desu.edu
Zaria Doss
Resident Director

Wynder Towers/Warren Franklin
Office: 302.857.6335
Email: zdoss [at] desu.edu
Lexus Commodore
Resident Director
Zimmerman Hall/Malmberg Hall
Office: 302.603.5164
Email: lcommodore [at] desu.edu
Raquon Green
Graduate Hall Director

Carpenter Hall
Office: 302.603.6010
Email: argreen [at] desu.edu
Nyla Branam
Graduate Hall Director

Jenkins Hall
Office: 302.857.6320
Email: nbranam [at] desu.edu
Taleema Jones
Graduate Hall Director

Williams Hall/Gooding Hall
Office: 302.603.5300
Email: taleemajones [at] desu.edu

Support Staff

Jasmine Hendy
Administrative Secretary

Residential Education
Office: 302.857.6326
Fax: 302.857.6333
Email: jphendy [at] desu.edu
Anthony Byrd
Night Time Operations

Residential Education
Office: 302.857.2022
Email: abyrd [at] desu.edu
Wesley Hunt
Night Time Operations

Residential Education
Office: 302.857.2158
Email: whunt [at] desu.edu