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Course Listing Explanation

Below is an explanation how each course is listed when browsing or searching for courses in myDESU Registration. 
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  1. Title and Course Format
    The title column shows the course title and indicates the format of how the course will be conducted. 
  2. Course Subject and Number
    The academic course subject and course number are typically used together to refer to course by number, for example: ACCT 430.
  3. Course Reference Number (CRN)
    This five-digit number identifies a unique section of a course.
  4. Term 
    Indicates when the course starts and ends within the semester. 
  5. Meeting Times
    Meeting days and times for courses that have scheduled meeting sessions (Face-to-Face, Hybrid, or Online Live) are listed here. Courses listed as Online typically do not have scheduled meeting sessions.
    M (Monday), T (Tuesday), W (Wednesday), T (Thursday), F (Friday), S (Saturday), S (Sunday)
  6. Campus
    See Locations & Directions for more information about each of our instructional and service locations.
    Campus Campus Code
    DSU Main Campus 1
    DSU Downtown D
    DSU Wilmington K
    DSU Georgetown 3
    DSU Online O